Umpire Evaluation Form


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Evaluation Scale: 5=Outstanding 4=Above Average 3=Average 2=Below Average 1=Unacceptable 

         (Enter a Numerical rating followed by an explanation.  A rating of 1 or 5 MUST be accompanied by an explanation.)

Plate Work

Base Work

Situation/People Management


If there was any concern about rules knowledge or interpretation, please explain:

Should this umpire continue working regular season games?

Should this umpire be considered for the Divisional Playoffs?

Should this umpire be considered for post-season play beyond the Divisional Playoffs? 

After you complete the form, either print it and mail to SDHSBA, PO Box 624, Winner, SD 57580 or fax to 605-842-1512 or touch the "Submit" button below.